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A multimillion-dollar venture for Vinka

VINKA new project

In addition to singing, Veronica Lugya, better known as Vinka, has decided to pursue other careers.

Vinka claimed that after birth, she had made her decision. She had never considered such an endeavor. However, after giving birth, she realized how short time moms have to care for their newborn children. She thought such a business enterprise was feasible.

The Malaika singer also discussed the difficulties she has experienced in marriage. Apart from the times when she leaves her child at home to see a performance, Vinka claims that there aren’t many.

It is true that I opened a childcare center that cares for infants from 3 months to 3 years old. At first, I had no intention of establishing one, but after having my child, I thought about it. I considered how these mothers must return to work after three months of maternity leave. And I concluded that they require a location where they can feel safe after leaving their children.

“I haven’t had many issues with my marriage thus far. Perhaps just when I leave my child at home to go to work. I constantly worry about who I leave him with. But I always go home after work and take care of him. Fortunately, I have a kind and supportive husband,” the singer remarked.


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