Update newsroom watching the crucial match between Cameroon Vs Serbia. However, checking Twitter, I found out that UCU was trending at number one. The students at this Christian university may have begun celebrating Christmas early, or they might have come up with something creative and impressive. In fact, after doing thorough research from all reliable sources, we confirmed that there are allegations of UCU videos trending all over various social networks.

Download Viral UCU Trending Video

In this video, students at a Christian university are alleged to be seen extracting juice from their bodies. This clip has impressed most of the social media in-laws across the internet. Obviously, you clicked on our link because you wanted to watch this INSANE clip. But here is the biggest question of the day.

Where is the UCU trending video?

Let me keep it short. Did you know that you can find trends for nonexistent videos on social media in-laws? They boost social media in order to grow their pages. UCU’s trending video is Asiimwe Love 1900, which does not exist.

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