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Poor roads affect Tourism – Local Tourism companies


Ugandan local tourist companies attribute slow progress to damaged roads.

, also a team leader for the online travel marketplace sikuku.com and a travel agent with TIO Tours & Travel Limited, said Thursday at the Pearl of Africa Expo in Kampala. In terms of travel, one of the biggest challenges is that our roads aren’t very good, especially to these places. In addition to Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth, we also have some nice highways.

However, there are poor roads in places like Kidepo, in the north.

According to him, hotel amenities are not appropriate for travelers. It was said that decent people were “rare.”


The government is also favored by foreign tourists at the expense of domestic travel agencies, he claimed. According to him, tourism stakeholders tend to concentrate on foreign tourists more than locals.

Additionally, he asked the government to reduce costs for tourism businesses, such as lodging and entrance fees. “For instance, if you asked me if you could take a honeymoon in one of our national parks such as Murchison Falls, I’d offer you this example. The prices that I receive from these accommodation providers are quite high, so I think it’s important to find prices that are a little more affordable for the locals here.”

In order to accommodate the locals here, I think there should be some pricing that is slightly more accommodating, he said. “I can’t tell someone here to pay $200 per night or $250 dollars,” he continued. In spite of the fact that those places have certain qualities, I still feel like their prices are too high for most people to afford.”

He claimed that this prevented locals from taking advantage of Uganda’s tourism industry. Park entrance costs are expensive.

As a result, you discover that not only does the government need to provide a little more local support. In addition, UTB, the organization in charge of station marketing in Uganda, also needs to do more to advertise the country. Locals are unaware of Uganda’s attractions as a travel destination.

Uganda was named one of the top tourist destinations this year by CNN, a global cable news network with its headquarters in the US. According to CNN, Uganda is attempting to attract both domestic and foreign tourists by offering more than just safaris and wildlife viewing.


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