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Karale Kasita rips Gravity Omutujuju over Tetunazina song

Tetunazina By Karole Kasita ft Gravity Omutujju

During the recording of Tetunazina New Song, Karole Kasita and Gravity Omutujju fought. Only one song was released by the duo together, Tetunazina.

It has been getting decent airplay and is currently succeeding. Gravity, however, decided to spice things up since he’s known for enjoying stunts. Karaole Kasita’s father was poked fun at on social media by him.

Apparently, he could not comprehend how someone could chew on their girlfriend undetected. After that, he wondered how someone would learn when they chewed on their own.


You eat another person’s girlfriend and no one finds out, but you believe that when they eat yours, you will be informed. Gravity posted a since-deleted message on Instagram.

The Yaka singer was the target of this. Without thinking twice, Karole retaliated against the Big Boys singer. He said Gravity should know not every song calls for a stunt.

She also doesn’t want any unnecessary drama now that she is a mommy. She wondered whether the singer would approve of such writings about his wife or lover.

“By posting this, you have no right to incite anyone, especially my man. I’m now a responsible mother, and I don’t think you’d like to see posts like that about your wife or girlfriend. Bambi, please don’t harm my family. Karole Kasita wrote a portion.

It should be remembered that Karole Kasita delivered a baby in secret. Nothing is clear, despite some believing fellow musician Feffe Bussi is the father of her child.


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