sheila nduhukire

A former journalist and current manager of public relations at national medical stores, Sheila Nduhukire has today introduced her husband to her parents in Kiruhura, Kazo district. Former NBS and NTV news anchor Sheila Nduhukire off the shelf.

According to sources, the celebration will be attended by a few high-ranking and close relatives of the couple.


Throughout her career, Nduhukire has kept her personal life quiet, and as we write this, she has introduced a ‘fortunate man’ who will be spending the warm nights with her.

Sudhir Byaruhanga, Nduhukire’s former NTV Uganda coworker, tweeted, “Sheila Nduhukire is off the shelf.”

Nduhukire began her career in television at Nation Media NTV in Kenya, where she received media training before being nominated for a position as a news anchor at NTV Uganda.

She joined NBS TV and Next Media in 2019 after earning a Master’s Degree in International Public Relations and Global Communications Management in the United Kingdom.

She is currently the manager of public relations for national medical stores, where she has worked since 2021.


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