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David Lutalo and Jose Chameleone Appears In Salawo New Song 2023

Salawo by David Lutalo ft Jose Chameleone | Tupaate

A brand-new love song called Salawo has been released by the head of Da Hares Entertainment, multi-award-winning singer, vocalist, recording, and performance artist David Lutalo.

Jose Chameleone is an award-winning singer, songwriter, recording artist, and performing artist with Leone Island Entertainment. This song gets a Midas touch from him to make it come to life.

Salawo is the Luganda word for decide.


This song tells the story of a man in love. In order to feel at ease, he wants his partner to define the relationship.

At Double Kick Records, Salawo was engineered by Grammy-winning sound engineer Yaled, a producer, vocalist, songwriter, and singer.

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