Ronald Alimpa Arrested For Turning Up Late o perform at shows

Ronald Alimpa’s problems aren’t about to end anytime soon. On Christmas and Boxing Day, he was booked to perform at shows but failed to appear. And finally, Ronald Alimpa was arrested

The failure of Alina to perform sparked vandalism and destruction of property worth millions of shillings.

According to Alimpa, he had five bookings on Christmas Day and one on Boxing Day. The venues of the said events, however, were not accessible to him.

Ndeeba, a trending center in Rukai, had a challenge. During an upcoming event, Ronald Alimpa did not appear.

He was later arrested and dragged to the police after the revelers had left the venue.

Additionally, he missed Kakyera where revelers vandalized property worth millions of shillings by destroying plastic chairs, stealing speakers, and taking the generator. According to the police, they acted and restored the situation.

Alimpa, however, refuted all of the allegations and insisted that he was unaware of the incidents.

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