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Prim Asiimwe Joins NRG Radio

Prim Asiimwe | Tupaate

After bidding farewell to Galaxy FM, Prim Asiimwe has officially joined NRG Radio. This marks an exciting upcoming chapter in her radio career. With a decade of exceptional service as a Producer and Lead Presenter for the Evening Rush and the Galaxy Top 20 Countdown, Asiimwe has left an indelible mark on the airwaves.

Expressing her gratitude, Asiimwe thanked Galaxy FM management for the opportunity to contribute her skills and talents. She also extended her appreciation to her family, friends, colleagues, and loyal listeners who have supported her throughout her journey.

 Prim Asiimwe  | Tupaate

Taking to social media to share her enthusiasm, Asiimwe announced her move to NRG Radio Uganda. She expressed her excitement about embarking on this upcoming venture. She playfully urged her followers to set their alarms and wake her up, so she doesn’t miss the show. Asiimwe’s infectious enthusiasm and energy are sure to impress listeners.

At NRG Radio, Asiimwe will join the dynamic ‘NRG Breakfast Club,’ which includes EKA, Bigboy Shaque, and DJ Beats. The program airs Monday to Friday, from 6 am to 10 am. With this updated lineup, listeners can anticipate an engaging and entertaining morning start.

 Prim Asiimwe  | Tupaate

With her vast experience and natural charisma, Prim Asiimwe is poised to make a lasting impact on NRG Radio. Her addition to the ‘NRG Breakfast Club’ promises to inject fresh energy into the show, creating a captivating listening experience for fans. Tuning in to 106.5 on the radio will now bring Asiimwe’s familiar voice again.

As Asiimwe begins her journey at NRG Radio, her fans and the radio industry eagerly anticipate the exciting and vibrant content she will bring to the airwaves. With her infectious personality and extensive experience, Asiimwe is set to conquer broad horizons and captivate audiences at her first radio home.


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