pallaso lugogo

Pallaso, whose real name is Pius Mayanja, is at the pinnacle of his musical career, with over four hit songs topping charts around the world.

He’s one of the few artists who was able to do so during a period when the music industry was effectively shut down.

He’s been on the rise with songs like Ani Oyo, Nalonda Nemala, Malamu, and Mpa Love, and he’s been dubbed the “two-year top lockdown artiste” by many.


Pallaso has confirmed the rumors that he was planning a show at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, one of the country’s most prestigious concert grounds.

He announced the news on his official Twitter account.

“Hello my people, Thank you for lifting me so high. please let’s keep this appointment. I can’t make history without you. Dates set,” Pallaso tweeted.

The highlight of the coming event is that it will be happening for two on July 1st and 2nd

There are a few musicians that have successfully held concerts at Lugogo Cricket Oval and they filled it to its capacity and if he fills it, he will join artists like Cindy, Jose Chameleone and Levixone.

Pallaso last held a concert five years ago in 2017 but was not successful and was attended to by a few people.

Pallaso is the brother to musicians Jose Chameleone and Weasel Manizo of the GudLyf. He [Pallaso] is currently managed by Karma Ivien, former Fik Fameica’s manager.


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