Mr. Henrie apologizes to Prima

The offended party has received an apology from Mr. Henrie Arinaitwe for his remark that women who bleach their skin “are not sweet.”

On stage at the Rolex Festival over the weekend, Mr. Henrie made a loud comment about how ladies who bleach are bad in bed.

The Galaxy FM host, who was on stage with DJ Nimrod, aggressively remarked, “Bleached chicks are not sweet.


The social media video went viral, drawing criticism from netizens, many of whom questioned how he could say such a thing in public.

Others made the connection and surmised that he was criticizing his ex-girlfriend Prima Kardashi, who has frequently acknowledged in public that she had lightened her skin tone.

When Prima heard his comments, she immediately retaliated on social media, writing, “I don’t always tolerate ignorant people, but when I do, I’m probably at work.”

When Mr. Henrie realized that what he had said had the potential to ignite a war, he quickly apologized on the air at Galaxy FM.

The Galaxy FM host clarified the situation by noting that his remark was not intended as a direct criticism of Prima and that he was simply caught up in the energy of the stage at the time.

“What I stated yesterday had nothing to do with our connection. It didn’t specifically address anyone in particular. It was merely an aura.

“Lwakuba, it came out wrong for some people when I said it, and they thought maybe I was pointing it to someone,”

“Let’s clear this up, guys. I’m not criticizing anyone, and I won’t spout off on how sweet people are all the time. Most significantly, Mr. Henrie stated, “I want to apologize to anyone who feels hurt by my statement.

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