MC Kats over his children

In a video that is going viral, MC Kats can be seen getting into a furious argument with his mother-in-law over who will get custody of his child.

NBS has some issues. Edwin Katamba, a.k.a. MC Kats’ life, is an After 5 presenter. He seemed to have been dealing with a silent family conflict for some time.


Recent rumors claim that the well-known emcee is at odds with his mother-in-law over her decision to deny custody of one of his children.

An argument between the CEO of Kats Music and a woman who is thought to be Fille’s mother may be seen in a video posted on YouTube.

“Give me your kid. That child is not yours. I once feared and respected you, but I no longer do. I’ll let you know if I ever cross your path again if you give me my child.

“You have done nothing to assist me in the past twelve years. Part of the footage shows the well-known emcee saying, “I detest you, give me my child.

At one point, Kats kneels before her and threatens to take her to court if she won’t give him custody of his child.

He cries out loudly, “I’m even on my knees pleading for my child, but if I dare leave this land, I am going to let the law take its course.


The angry woman begs him to haul her to court over the matter despite his threats not seeming to scare her away.

“I have never requested your help in raising my child. I never have, and I never will. You are not a good parent. Kats continues the argument by saying, “You even failed to parent your own so you can’t raise my child.

He also says that he used to own the property where she is living, so she needs to be very cautious about how she interacts with him.

That was my property.

You complain that I pampered your child, but if she didn’t sing, would you still own this property?

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