Jeff Kiwa fires Pinky

Jeff Kiwa, the CEO of Team No Sleep (TNS), has allegedly fired singer Rahmah Nanyanzi alias Rahma Pinky.

She was allegedly fired for smoking shisha in her apartment and sneaking men into it.

In addition, the reports indicate that Pinky’s behavior did not improve despite several warnings from Jeff Kiwa. Her behavior caused Jeff Kiwa to lose his cool and sack her.

Capital FM tweeted that TNS boss Jeff Kiwa fired Rahma Pinky for smoking shisha in her apartment and sneaking men in.

Rahma joined TNS in December 2021 after Sheebah parted ways with Jeff Kiwa, the company’s boss.

Pinky released Seven Teen plus “Picha” with Grenade and “Tumimala” with Nina Roz as part of TNS.

Rahma was fired for violating Jeff Kiwa’s rules and regulations, which he enforces with an iron hand.

As Rahma is still looking for a manager, we do not know who Pinky’s next manager will be.

A number of analysts predicted her success as a musician, especially after she joined TNS. However, she has failed to live up to the expectations of one of the most experienced and successful managers in the country.

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