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Jajja Ichuli (Isma Olaxess) DEAD in his car in Kyanja

Jajja Ichuli dead | tupaate

The renowned music critic and blogger Ibrahim Tusubira, also known as Jajja Ichuli or Isma Olaxess, was fatally shot Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Social media is flooded with images of Isma Olaxess’ bloodied body seated in a car wearing a Lakers jersey and a scarf around his neck.

According to immediate sources, the motormouth blogger was killed while returning home by unidentified gunmen in the Kyanja district.

Earlier this week, Uganda was horrified to learn that Minister Charles Okello Engola had been killed by his bodyguard.

Isma Olaxess posted videos denouncing the deceased minister on social media.

He was known for his unyielding character, and his followers valued his opinions on the nation’s political, social, and economic concerns.

Additionally, entertainers admired him for his persuasive speeches in support of the arts.

With his generally pejorative opinions and arrogant analysis, the Swedish-born painter alienated a few people in his ascent to the top.

R.I.P Jajja Ichuli or Isma Olaxess


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