Sheebah Karungi is fired back at by Isma Olaxess

The blogger’s president, Isma Olaxess, retaliated against Sheebah when he claimed he did not know the singer of Ice Cream.

Sheebah did herself a disservice by refusing him access to her home, according to Isma, since his resourcefulness would have been beneficial to her professional career.

Sheebah Karungi admitted that she chased Isma Olaxess out of her house when he knocked on her door requesting an interview, claiming he was unknown to her.

Sheebah Karungi

Despite claiming not to know anything about Kasuku, Sheebah said, “It’s all true.”.

Kasuku’s interview prompted Isma Olaxess to respond. As a result of knowing who he was and refusing to let him into her home, she merely contradicted herself.

In an interview with Spark TV, Olaxess said, “Sheebah karungi may not know who I am, because I’m known by sharks and she’s a worm.”

As a President, Speaker, Chief Justice, Attorney General, and Member of Parliament, I care not about worms in ponds if they know who I am.

Artists should not approach people like her. She has done herself harm if she doesn’t know me because I listen to music and she doesn’t know if I am a fan. Does she handle her fans in that manner? He continued.

Isma continued by saying that he was prepared to join Sheebah’s camp but that after being pursued, he ended up at Spice Diana, who gave him a warm welcome.

Isma has not spoken well to Sheebah karungi since she drove him out of her house. It should be mentioned.

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