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Lydia Jazmine Appears In Gwokya Nga Omuliro New Song

Gwokya Nga Omuliro BY Lydia Jazmine

Singer Lydia Jazmine has revealed that her upcoming single, Gwokya nga Omuliro, will be released soon. The singer had taken a musical hiatus, but she now believes the moment is ripe to inspire her devoted followers to dance again.

The singer last gave something to her fans and followers nine months ago. We received notes from several of her followers asking whether Lydia Jazmine had given up music for other business endeavors.

“A New Chapter for Me, DOWNLOAD MP3 HERE

I last released a song (Omutima) exactly 9 months ago, but that is a story for another day. You everyone, I miss you!

I’m back like I never left, though! Greater, Better, and in a Different League!

We are now in the new year!

Soon, GWOKYA NGA OMULIRO will drop like a bomb.

Let’s get ready!!” said Lydia Jazmine on Facebook.

One of the top female painters of our generation, Lydia Jazmine is adored by many professionals in the field. We have yet to learn the reason behind her decision to stop singing for nine months. We want to emphasize that the most effective way to never miss an update like this is to follow us on all of our social media channels.


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