Gen Elly Tumwine dead

Tumwine passed away in the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, where he had recently been flown after suffering difficulties due to his disease.

However, the situation still lacks many specifics.

Tumwine was one of the 42 persons that invaded the Kabamba barracks with 27 firearms and launched the NRA-led conflict that, five years later in 1986, brought the current administration to power.


After leaving the classroom in 1978, Tumwine joined Museveni’s FRONASA soldiers.

Tumwine accompanied Yoweri Museveni, the rebel commander at the time, as he established the National Resistance Army (NRA) in the bush in 1981 after contesting the results of the elections in 1980.

Tumwine stated in an interview with the Nile Post in 2018 that “we had earlier gotten in touch and discussed with Museveni who had taught me in primary school that if the 1980 elections were rigged, we may go to the bush as the only way out.”

The National Resistance Army’s five-year conflict is said to have begun with a shot fired by Tumwine.

His firing of the opening shot during the operation that started the Luweero bush war has been extensively discussed.

He was one of the six founding members of the NRA High Command in January 1986, which later evolved into the present-day UPDF High Command.

May his soul rest in peace

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