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Manager Arafat, Feffe Busi part ways

Feffe Busi, Manager Arafat Parts Ways

Arafat, the rapper’s longtime manager, no longer works with Feffe Bussi, the self-described smallest rapper.

Since they were friends and coworkers for years, they shared a lot of memories and accomplishments together.

Fefe Bussi refuses to continue working for Arafat, reports say.

A former manager of Fefe Bussi claims he failed to invest enough in music promotion. There was a drop in bookings as a result.

It is expected that Feffe Bussi will introduce his new management group very soon, with whom he will collaborate on his other musical endeavors.

Fefe Bussi’s career has been hurt by Arafat’s inconsistent promotion of his music for almost two years.

The Feffe Bussi brand remained controversy-free in recent years, and the clean brand was created by Arafat.


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