Before the Eddy Kenzo Festival, BET Award-winning musician Edrisah Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo plans to release a brand-new Kadongo Kamu song to support the genre’s performers nationwide. The artist claims that Kadongo Kamu is a very culturally significant, educational, and entertaining genre. Still, he finds it difficult to comprehend why Ugandans are no longer exposed to a lot of this music.

“My late mother loved Ugandan country music or Kadongo Kamu, and during the brief time I had with her, she purchased each new tape that was produced. We were raised as fans/lovers of this country music because it was frequently played on the streets of Masaka.



Kadongo Kamu is an exciting, educational, and entertaining genre, thus it baffles me why we don’t hear as much of it these days.

Has the world changed much, have we lost touch with our culture, has modernity sucked culture whole, and if so, what exactly went wrong?

Kadongo Kamu conveys a lot of positive messages and gives us a chance to learn about our roots and how to live life; it also serves as a reminder of our culture since, even if we can embrace modernity, our culture best captures who we are.

In order to preserve and strengthen our culture, I want to implore all kadongo Kamu musicians, artists, and fans to continue creating authentic kadongo Kamu music, lyrics, and instrumentation.

We are so unfortunate that our songs today must be so short and we can’t put as much, but with Kadongo Kamu it is so okay to have up to 15 minutes, so as a Kadongo Kamu lover, I will record a song or two every year to encourage and reassure the kadongo Kamu singers that this genre is not outdated as they might think. Yes, we do the kind of music we do because it is the new generation, but this genre is of such great importance to our culture

In order to support and validate our Kadongo Kamu artists before the Eddy Kenzo Festival, I’ll head to the studio this weekend and release a kadongo Kamu song very soon.

We adore this music and want to hear more of it, therefore we will give the kadongo Kamu artists a platform at the #EddykenzoFestival, and we warmly encourage everyone to attend.

Just keep an eye out for the upcoming Kadongo Kamu tune; I’ll let you know the title as soon as I finish recording.

because we cherish our culture.
You all have my gratitude and affection.

Yours Sincerely,
Edward Kenzo Musuuza

For God and my Country, Awangaale nyo Sabasajja Kabaka,” Eddy Kenzo wrote in a post.

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