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Bobi Wine Criticisms UNMF: Eddy Kenzo Responds


Uganda National Musicians Federation president, Eddy Kenzo, reacted to Bobi Wine’s criticism.

As a response to Bobi Wine’s claims about the Uganda National Musicians Federation being a scam, this statement was issued.

In describing the UNMF’s leadership as money-hungry, the singer-turned-musician stated that musicians are poised to profit financially from the federation.

“I’m not sure why artists need government assistance…And now you’re forming a federation.” Bobi Wine commented.

Upon hearing this, Kenzo claimed Bobi Wine was simply involved in politics.

According to him, Bobi Wine has become a politician and must adopt an agenda to achieve his political goals.

‘Our elder Bobi became a politician, and he uses these agendas to his advantage as an opposition leader.’ He benefits when the world is divided. Is it possible for the opposition to benefit from the government uniting and nurturing artists?”

Eddy Kenzo | Tupaate

“There is nothing we can do as artists unless we go to the government and ask to be regulated because they are the governing body for this country right now.”

“Fortunately, if the opposition takes power, we will join them because they will be the new government.”

“We are negotiating, not begging for anything.” “What we’re talking about is how long we’ve been cheated on and how much we’re demanding,” he explained.

According to the self-proclaimed ‘Kaana Ka Mbaata,’ they are requesting the government’s assistance in regulating their art because the government is currently the governing body of the country.

As a result, he urged artists to collaborate because it is the only way to move the music industry forward and avoid splits.

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