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Davido and Chisom Trending video and story. Read Here

Davido and Chisom video

According to a recent social media revelation, a young Nigerian lady named Chisom has brought serious allegations against popular Nigerian singer Davido. She claims to have been impregnated by Davido and was offered N10 million to end the pregnancy.

In addition to Anita Brown, who is from the US, and Ivanna Bay, who is from France, two other women have made similar allegations. It has been reported that both women are carrying Davido’s children.

Chisom was inspired by Anita and Ivanna’s courage to share her own experience. In an interview with TMZ, she revealed that she had been in an intimate relationship with Davido for several months, which ultimately led to her becoming pregnant.

As a result, Chisom alleges that Davido tried to persuade her to terminate her pregnancy by promising her N10 million. Davido reportedly sent her N3 million upfront and N7 million later. Unfortunately, she reported that Davido did not fulfill his promise, putting her in a very difficult position.

These recent revelations have stirred considerable controversy and sparked widespread discussion on social media platforms. As of now, He has not publicly responded to these allegations. The situation remains fluid as more details emerge, and interested parties eagerly await further developments.

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