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Bobi Wine versus Bebe Cool goes bare knuckled

Bobi Wine versus Bebe Cool

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are squareing off on social media once again.

Throughout their careers, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have competed with each other.

In the beginning, Bobi Wine said that he was better than Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, and others. Academically, musically, and financially, he said he had improved.

Bebe later denigrated Bobi Wine for taking the Music, Dance, and Drama (MDD) course at the University.


In response to Cavendish University law student Bobi Wine resuming his class a few days earlier, he criticized him.

Despite MDD’s poor reputation, Gagamel CEO said he would never recommend enrolling his children in it.

His comparison to market vendors selling fish was that he would rather let his kids do it rather than spend money on MDD research.

Bebe Cool called Bobi Wine “stupid” before calling him “Mr. “Kadingo.”

The most clever person is the one who practices music, dance, and drama, not the one who studies to become a professional in these arts. Bobi Wine said, “Tosanze is the coolest baby in the world.”.

Bebe responded by claiming that Bobi Wine had failed politically and was now making a comeback in the music industry through tricks.


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