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Big Pokey DEAD in Beaumont, Texas, video goes viral


Big Pokey, born Milton Powell, experienced a distressing incident during his live performance in Beaumont, Texas, as captured in a now-viral video circulating on social media. While addressing the crowd, the rapper was seen gripping the microphone, audibly gasping for air. Suddenly, he collapsed onto the stage with a forceful impact, lying motionless on his back. Struggling to move his limbs and showing signs of difficulty breathing, Big Pokey condition was immediately a cause for concern. Concerned voices off-camera questioned his well-being, prompting swift action from those nearby, including a vigilant security guard.

Regrettably, there is currently no official update on Big Pokey’s condition. Speculative reports surfacing online suggest that the rapper lost consciousness during his performance in Beaumont, Texas. Allegedly, paramedics swiftly responded, administering CPR in an attempt to revive him, but their efforts proved unsuccessful. Tragically, rumors have circulated of the rapper’s untimely demise occurring during the ill-fated performance.

Please note that the information provided remains unverified, and it is crucial to await official statements or news regarding Big Pokey’s condition and well-being.

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