Was singer Ibrahim Mayanja’s arrest a staged event? Ibrahim Mayanja, aka Big Eye Starboss, a disgraced musician from Uganda and the treasurer of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA), was detained inside the National Theater. The musician voiced his displeasure earlier this week with Uganda’s Cabinet Minister for Gender, Labour, and Social Development Betty Amongi for postponing the UMA elections. He, therefore, pledged that he would use all of his fowl abilities to make sure that the UMA elections were held.

The Uganda Police fetched him like a village thief together with the general secretary, who is better known on TikTok as OMUKUNJA ATASERA, thus his planned activities did not go as planned. Big Eye and the current administration have been at odds for the previous few weeks. Additionally, he was confident that his future was secure because of who he supported in the past elections. But based on the problems we see him dealing with, it appears that his future is now uncertain.

“Good morning, Ugandans and supporters of the UMA, let’s get out and defend our rights. Elections for the UMA may not be stopped by Minister Betty Amongi. UMA is a private, non-governmental organization for musicians. When the UMA POLICY BOARD first began to plan these elections, where was she? Because she is hopping onto a moving bicycle, she has now been designated as a ZAKAYO by UMA. The goal here is to frustrate and disorganize UMA for an unknown, concealed motive. This Tuesday, June 28, 2022, the National Theater will host the election. Let’s all show up at 10 AM and cast our votes. I’m grateful. Star boss Big Eye posted.

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